In Technicolor

On paper, Coma's affiliation with Kompakt looks like a no-brainer, as the duo, growing up in Cologne, Germany, weaned themselves on their hometown label's rich stable of long-form minimalists. But once the listener delves deeper into Coma's debut full-length, In Technicolor, it's apparent that these Krautpoppers' vision of techno extends further than just the Rhine. Working off the same skeletal, strident beats that defined their slew of twelve-inches, In Technicolor shows the duo blending and layering rounded-edge rhythms and elastic grooves, giving the slinky "Maybach" and blocky "Out of Control" a gossamer sheen. Pulling in a handful of uniquely voiced guests, including Ada's vocoder-laden sleep-sing on "Hoooooray," Coma do their best to give each track a distinct, left field personality. While on songs like "Missing Piece" and "My Orbit," Coma have traded in one pre-packaged formula (microhouse) for another (house), In Technicolor keeps this young duo striving to sound youthful and adventurous. (Kompakt)
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