PS I Love You, Jack White, Norah Jones, Patrick Watson and Our Summer Music Festival Guide Fill Exclaim!'s May Issue

PS I Love You, Jack White, Norah Jones, Patrick Watson and Our Summer Music Festival Guide Fill Exclaim!\'s May Issue
Equipped with Exclaim!'s Summer Music Festival Guide, our May issue is, as always, packed to the brim with new interviews, features and reviews. Here's a sampling of this month's must-reads in the magazine and online.

For our cover story, we spend some time with PS I Love You as they reveal the significance of coming from Kingston, ON, and the unsettling origin of the title for their newest release, Death Dreams, while Norah Jones reminisces about waiting tables and listening to "The Humpty Dance" in our Exclaim! Questionnaire.

In our May Timeline, we take a look at Jack White's prolific career. From his days as an upholsterer's apprentice, to the establishment of his Nashville-based record label Third Man, we break down White's varied resume, up to his debut solo album Blunderbuss.

In other interviews, Jamie Fleming of Toronto's Catl. talks about experimenting with the blues on Soon This Will All Be Gone, while Patrick Watson describes the inspiration for his band's fourth album, Adventures in Your Own Backyard. Next, we talk to Montreal producer CFCF about the minimalist esthetic of his latest project, the mini-album Exercises, and Mares of Thrace's Thérèse Lanz talks about how The Canterbury Tales influenced the band's sophomore effort, The Pilgrimage.

Finally, check out online exclusive interviews with the Ting Tings, Torche, Young Jeezy, Paradise Lost and Estelle.

Plus, check out this month's Music School to learn a bit about Gordon Lightfoot's connection to Toronto's Massey Hall, as well as gain some knowledge about the Future of Music Coalition, which helps musicians make a living by, well, making music.

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