Brian Dunn Tunes in to 'TVs and Radios' on Sophomore LP

Brian Dunn Tunes in to \'TVs and Radios\' on Sophomore LP
Summer just got a little gloomier thanks to melancholic songwriter Brian Dunn. The folksy Ontario tunesmith has announced plans to release his sophomore album, TVs and Radios, which will arrive on June 19 through Cosmic Dave's Record Factory.

A press release describes the album as "a little cheerier then the last record, happier even. Hopeful." We're guessing that this is ironic, however, since the announcement also promises "a song sung to a hooker," plus tracks that convey "crushing defeat" and contain "dirty bass lines, dirty bars, and dirty piano."

See the album cover above and the tracklist below, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to stream the dark and drawling "Country."

TVs and Radios:


2. Radios

3. Country

4. Falling Apart #1

5. Victoria Park

6. Slow Learner

7. Katherine

8. Mexico

9. TVs

10. Crash

11. In a Good Light

12. Love

13. Falling Apart #2

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