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Only In The Morning

Breather ResistOnly In The Morning
Pity the musical adversaries of one Mr. Evan Patterson ó they just donít stand a chance. A founding member of Louisville, KYís groundbreaking, innovative and sadly unrecognised masters of musical mayhem the National Acrobat, and current member of powerhouses Black Cross (formerly Black Widows), with brother Ryan (also ex-Acrobat) and ex-Endpoint/By The Grace of God Vocalist Rob Pennington, Evanís latest musical riot is Breather Resist and itís an impressive one. Musically, Breather Resist is still just as chaotic, intricate and laden with ideas as the Acrobat, but Breather are darker, noisier and heavier overall ó while the Acrobat toyed with their prey, leading them through a jungle gym of musical twists and turns, before making the kill, Breather just mauls and mauls and mauls. Thatís Only In The Morningís strength: it doesnít fuck around. Just listen to "Just Do It,Ē "The Best MistakeĒ and "Pretty Like CancerĒ and try to disagree. Sure itís complex, challenging, intricate and discordant, but itís heavy, throwing around Coalesceís jarring sludgy hardcore with noise rockís density and discord, and, obviously, the Acrobatís inventiveness and charisma. Itís excellent, even with the CD being too short, barely 22 minutes. Forget about Casper Adams, you canít stop Evan Patterson, not that youíd want to. (Deathwish Inc.)
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