Bless The Fallen

The Eclectic Sounds Of A City Painted Black and White

Bless The Fallen
Well, I have good news and bad news. Letís get the bad news out of the way first: the recording quality is terrible and takes away from the debut album from this New York five-piece. Itís not polished; itís not clear; and itís not helping this album strive to reach the heights it deserves. Now, on to the good news: The Eclectic Sounds Of A City Painted Black and White is an album that could have been made six years ago in Burlington, ON when Gradeís Headfirst Straight To Hell first poked its head out of the sand. These boys rely on their menacing guitar work, which exploits metal in a post-hardcore atmosphere. With an album that constantly combines wicked metal guitar licks and hyper-eclectic drumming with no end in sight, Bless The Fallen have a sound thatís a fun, nostalgic metal fight. Drummer Phil should be proud of his work, as itís an enjoyable contribution that adds to the overall impeccable impression that has been made here. (Crash)
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