Between the Buried and Me

Downsview Park, Toronto ON August 12

Between the Buried and MeDownsview Park, Toronto ON August 12
Between the Buried and Me came out to a dramatic intro track, facing the largest crowd of the day so far. Their progressive metalcore is full of twists and turns, and it took barely moments for that complexity to manifest in their performance.

Transitioning seamlessly from percussive to brutal to noodling to big melodic swells or riffs laden with groove, they handled each shift with easy expertise, a range epitomized and conveyed most eccentrically by their performance of "Fossil Genera."

Except for frontman Tommy Giles Rogers moving out from behind his keyboard, the band members didn't take up a lot of space but their bodies were in constant frenetic motion around small sections of stage. BTBAM simply radiated energy, feeding it all back into the audience.

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