Beefs 2012: The Weeknd Defends Drake, Compares Common to "Someone's Drunk Uncle"

Beefs 2012: The Weeknd Defends Drake, Compares Common to \
The Weeknd's friendship with Drake has been well-documented, as the Toronto cohorts have collaborated on recordings and in concert, and even roll in the same OVOXO crew. It's not too much of a surprise then, that Weeknd crooner Abel Tesfaye has come to Drake's defence in the rapper's feud with Common.

Following Common's insulting remix of Rick Ross' Drake-featuring "Stay Schemin'," the Weeknd took to Twitter to let the world know exactly what he thought of the diss track. "That was the worst comeback ive ever heard," he wrote. "reminds me of someone's drunk uncle…"

To be honest, we're not sure we know too many drunk uncles who would spout off lines like "My motto is Chicago bitch, everybody know you're sweet, what the problem is?/Don't play dumb, I'm the one that acknowledged it/Son of a bitch I imagine what you father is." Still, if Tesfaye was looking to insult Common and stick up for his buddy, then mission accomplished.

Ross offered his own comment on the feud by retweeting Scarface's comment that, "There is a certain level of respect all men have to have for one another any form of disrespect means you are prepared to DIE #fuckarapbeef."

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