As I Lay Dying


As I Lay Dying
As I Lay Dying are based in San Diego, CA and draw their moniker from a novel by William Faulkner. The book is noted for its multiple narrators and shifting points of view ― since some narrators are unreliable, the facts of the narrative change depending on who relates a specific event. Their band name is particularly apt when connected to the shifting, chimeric Decas. This year, As I Lay Dying celebrate their tenth anniversary and Decas is a commemorative compilation, featuring four remixes, four covers, three newly recorded songs and one re-recording. The new material is far and away the strongest material here, featuring great production values and expertly deployed harsh and clean vocals. The cover songs are a bit of a letdown, as a breakdown in the middle of a Judas Priest song falls somewhere between novel-but-uncomfortable and cringe-worthy. The remixes are also somewhat mystifying ― As I Lay Dying really don't need a bunch of techno and dubstep thrown on top of their music. If you're a huge As I Lay Dying Fan this would be a novel acquisition, which makes sense, as this is exactly the kind of listener this album is geared towards. (Metal Blade)
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