Arcade Fire

"Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out) / Rebellion (Lies)" (live at SappyFest) (video)

Arcade Fire
Last night (July 29), SappyFest attendees got quite the treat. Under the alias of Shark Attack!," beloved Montreal rock collective Arcade Fire made a surprise appearance at the Sackville, NB festival.

Luckily, Exclaim! was at the show and you can catch a performance of the band's "Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out) / Rebellion (Lies)" below.

Needless to say, Arcade Fire have got this year's SappyFest off to a stellar start, making us more than a little pumped about what's to come. Watch out for our full review of the fest and get a glimpse of Arcade Fire's surprise show below courtesy of Exclaim! contributor Sandi Rankaduwa.

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