Aphex Twin's '...I Care Because You Do' and 'Richard D. James Album' Get Vinyl Reissues

Aphex Twin\'s \'...I Care Because You Do\' and \'Richard D. James Album\' Get Vinyl Reissues
Earlier this year, electronic master Aphex Twin repressed his classic Selected Ambient Works Volume II on vinyl. Soon, reissue label 1972 will be revisiting some of his other albums as well, as they plan to drop new vinyl pressings of his LPs ...I Care Because You Do (1995) and Richard D. James Album (1996).

Both of these vinyl versions will arrive on September 18. Much like the Selected Ambient Works Volume II repress, they don't look to have any bonus material, but instead offer fans a chance to finally pick up these albums, whose vinyl versions are long out of print, without paying out some high eBay prices if they missed the records the first time around.

The seminal Richard D. James Album is arguably Aphex Twin's most revered work, and a press release notes that it "employs electronic sounds, pulsating rhythms and non-musical samples to convey the author's feelings on childhood innocence."

The re-release is listed as a single LP, so we're guessing this means the extra tracks culled from the Girl/Boy EP included on the North American version of the album are not included on this reissue.

As for ...I Care Because You Do, the album marked the end of Aphex Twin's first analog era, as he switched to digital after that. It is said to occupy "a middle ground between Phillip Glass and the Wu-Tang Clan." It's more than an hour in length and will be split across two records.

UPDATE: Well, perhaps these reissues rubbed Aphex Twin's label Warp the wrong way, as the imprint has now announced "official Warp Records represses" of their own. These versions of ...I Care Because You Do and Richard D. James Album will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl and include an MP3 download. Both vinyl reissues will be available on October 8.

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