Pre-Cold Cave Project American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost Get Reissued

Pre-Cold Cave Project American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost Get Reissued
Before Wes Eisold was the ultra-cool frontman for the icy synth-pop group Cold Cave, he shredded his vocal cords as the singer for early 2000s Boston hardcore mavericks American Nightmare. The group, who later changed their name to Give Up the Ghost for copyright reasons, released two classic albums alongside two EPs. Now, Bridge Nine Records has announced plans to reissue the band's first two EPs.

 Originally released in 2000 and 2001, respectively, the band's debut seven-inch records Amerian Nightmare and The Sun Isn't Getting Brighter will be combined to form one all encompassing twelve-inch called Year One.

The LPs will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl and will be available on black with a corner that will either be red, white or blue. As Bridge Nine explains, that was the plan with the EPs' original releases but was outside of their budget.

The records will also include a large 17" by 22" double-sided poster insert with a collage of American Nightmare-related images. The angel image on the album cover will also be embossed to give it a three-dimensional effect.

The tenth anniversary edition of the Year One LP can be pre-ordered here. No release date has been announced, but the label says that the test pressings have already been approved so it should be out sooner than later.

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