Alexisonfire's Olympics Disaster, Gordon Lightfoot's Death Hoax and Toronto's "Woodstock" Lead This Week's News Round-Up

Alexisonfire\'s Olympics Disaster, Gordon Lightfoot\'s Death Hoax and Toronto\'s \
If you're worried you may have missed some important tidbit of music news this week, don't fret: our News Round-Up is here to help.

First up, Alexisonfire's free Olympics show ended in disaster this week when a barricade broke, leaving about 20 fans injured - two with broken legs - and some 7,000 other concertgoers without a concert after they were evacuated from the Vancouver venue. Not exactly a great way to end the day, especially after most waited for hours in line to see the band to begin with.

Thankfully no one died in the incident, but the same couldn't be said of Gordon Lightfoot, who was killed off this week in a hoax. Yes, it was a hoax, so tell mom and dad that ol' Gordo is all fine and good and still among the living. Also, still among the living is Axl Rose, thanks to Sebastian Bach. Axl's touring buddy apparently saved the GN'R front-man from a knife-wielding crazy during the band's recent show in NYC.

Also making headlines this week, we broke the news that dance pioneers 808 State are planning to reunite their original line-up, Thom Yorke made his own exclusive playlist for New York Fashion Week and Toronto can get ready for "the largest event in the 40 years since Woodstock."

Finally, this week we learned that EMI is putting Abbey Road studios up for sale. Paul McCartney has voiced his support in helping save the studios, but since the former Beatle has yet to cough up any cash, Andrew Lloyd Webber might be taking over.
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