NXNE - Boats

Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto ON June 17

NXNE - Boats
Despite the scattered press in attendance, Boats' acoustic Trinity Bellwoods set had an impromptu vibe to it. Setting up shop under a tree on a breezy afternoon, the stripped-down Winnipeg outfit played utterly charming, minimalist arrangements of their whimsical pop; punters on blankets applauded politely. Armed with an acoustic guitar and John Darnielle-ish vocals, singer Mat Klachefsky held the audience rapt regardless of the passing cars and children. While the park is always filled with strumming troubadours, Ashley Roch's playful glockenspiel and handheld keyboard legitimized the ad hoc show. Benefiting from brevity, it was a short and entirely enchanting gig.
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