Liz Phair Sneaks Out New Album Today, Decides It's a Good Idea to Rap on First Single

Liz Phair Sneaks Out New Album Today, Decides It\'s a Good Idea to Rap on First Single
Liz Phair's last two albums (2003's Liz Phair and 2005's Somebody's Miracle) were such disasters that they nearly destroyed the once-celebrated songwriter's career completely. By crossing over into teen pop, she alienated her indie rock followers without winning her many new fans in the process. Now, five years later (and with a 90210 score under her belt), Phair has brushed herself off and is trying again by releasing new album Funstyle.

This time around, Phair avoided doing any pre-album press, releasing the album online today (July 5). Digital copies are available for purchase from the singer's official website for just $5.99 - pretty cheap for an 11-song effort. And, yes, that dreadful screenshot image above is the cover.

In the widget below, you can also hear the single "Bollywood." Those who were hoping that Phair would be returning to her indie rock roots will be disappointed, since this is a baffling rap song about the perils of selling out to the entertainment industry (sound familiar?). Sample lyric: "Don't ya give me no phony bologna."

UPDATE: Exclaim! reader John Schwartz points that Phair has reportedly been working on a new album since her departure from Capital Records. She previously spoke with Billboard about the album in 2008, saying that it would be out that year on ATO. She subsequently left ATO, and this may be leftovers from that unfinished album.


1. "U Hate It"

2. "Smoke"

3. "Bollywood"

4. "You Should Know Me"

5. "Miss September"

6. "My, My"

7. "Oh, Bangladesh"

8. "Bang! Bang!"

9. "Beat Is Up"

10. "And He Slayed Her"

11. "Satisfied"

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