Hailing from all over the States, but converging in Southern California, Æges are a conglomerate of fringe metal bands uniting for a common purpose: artistic expression through high volume. An aggressive, yet poppy, sound emerged when former Shift guitarist Mark Holcomb and Pelican/Lair of the Minotaur drummer Larry Herweg began writing material together. Adding Kemble Walters (the Rise) and bassist Tony Baumeister (-16-, Cutthroats 9), the now-foursome played a few L.A. shows and recorded the two-song Roaches EP. The title track sports a Quicksand-ish pop thread embedded deep within thick, Goatsnake-esque chords and Walters' gravelly howls. "Dirt" is slower, with melodic vocals, like a cross between Floor and …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Metal for the recessionista generation, Æges will appeal to a wide swath of those fans that swing between Torche and Sparta. (Hawthorne Street)
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