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By Del F. CowieYou said the word muse and, I know it's not on this album, but the Natalie Portman thing. Did you ever like—
Ha! [ET Canada reporter] Rick Campanelli, I think when she was here for the Toronto Film Festival, you can kind of go in my Youtube section…

Oh yeah I think I did see that, when he played her the track...
Rick was like do you know k-os and she was like yeah I know of k-os. and the deeper story behind that is, well, I won't get into it, but she had known of the Rascalz and she liked the song ["Top of the World"] I did with them from way back. So when he's like, do you know k-os, she's serious. She's a hip-hop fan and he's like "Yeah, here's a song called 'I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman.' He wishes he knew you," and she thought it was kinda funny. But I didn't write that song so much to be like I want to meet her. More a statement on celebrity culture and it kind of worked out the right way because in saying that when everyone found out she got pregnant [and was getting married] I got all these texts "Too bad, huh?" Are you serious? You actually think I wrote that song because I had a mission? There's nothing about that video about her, there's nothing in the song about her. The title came because I wanted to call it — I couldn't call it "On the Run," because Soxx wanted to use that on his record and I couldn't call it "I Can't Make You Love Me," because there's a Bonnie Raitt song called that and everyone thought it was like blasphemy for me to call it that. So I kept on putting off the title and one morning I was in my bed hungover and my publisher was like "You've got to tell me a name right now." I'm like "I don't know, I wish I knew Natalie Portman." It was like "Are you serious right now?" I'm like "Yeah, I wish I knew Natalie Portman." And that was it. It wasn't even something I thought about. I think what had happened before I had a discussion the night before with how obsessed everyone had started to become with celebrity culture and I felt like by just naming it that, the song ended up on blogs and everyone wanted to know if I liked her and all this stuff. "Did I meet her yet?" And I was like "Wow, this is even a truer statement than I even said," because when you listen to the song and watch the video we don't reference Natalie Portman whatsoever. God bless her. She's a great human being and I'm a fan of her work on the screen and off, especially off the screen, but for the charity work she does and the good things she does, [and someone] that's part of my favourite movie franchise Star Wars as well and doing positive things for women in the community and doing things outside of her culture and I thought someone young people could look up to. It really had nothing to with me meeting her or wanting to meet her, it really had more to do with using that idea to get the song a little more attention and shine a light on how much people y'know... even when doing this record, the person who inspired a lot of these songs is an actress, and me and my publicist had to decide whether we wanted to let that be known, because we didn't want this record to be like that be the focus. I think that was a smart thing because no one is really focusing on that. They know there's love songs on the record. "The Dog is Mine and "Nyce 2 know Ya" are both subject matters dealing with women, but no one really cares who it's about, but candidly, yeah it's a well-known person, but that doesn't really matter. I learned my lesson with the Natalie Portman thing, just as I keep quiet about that, [I'll] keep my muses to myself.

OK, so I guess we're not gonna find out who it's about?

You've been spending time in L.A., right?
Yeah, that's why i was in L.A, 'cos I was like working at Hayden [Christensen]'s place and I was like seeing this person.

There is a link between Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen, for sure.
Yeah, they were in the same movie.
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