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By Aaron MatthewsA tiny Toronto bar is crowded with dapper 20-somethings curious about the buzz surrounding Badbadnotgood ― hype fuelled by Odd Future front-man Tyler the Creator, and by fans of Waka Flocka Flame and Flying Lotus. Except this is a jazz show. Pianist Matthew Tavares, drummer/beatmaker Alex Sowinski and bassist Chester Hansen met in Humber College's music program, and bonded over a mutual love of new hip-hop. The trio first attracted attention in April, when they posted video to YouTube of them playing a jazz medley of Odd Future songs, with Sowinski in a pig mask.

Badbadnotgood's debut BBNG (available free on mixes covers of Joy Division, Nas, and the Zelda soundtrack with sampler-fuelled originals. "Jazz is something that's already happened," Tavares offers. "The reason you play jazz standards is old people know the melodies. So if you play a hip-hop song that people know, they can hear your version and appreciate what's happening. A young person doesn't give a fuck how you play 'Stella By Starlight.'"

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There were 30 somethings there too. BBNG's sound is reaching high!!
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Yup, definitely teen-, 20-, 30-somethings and even a couple of parent-y types in attendance!
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even us old folks don't want to hear the old shit anymore. bring in the new.
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I wish BBNG would play a show in Los Angeles, CA !!! PLEASE me and my closest 2,000 friends would love to go!
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