Just My Luck

Donald Petrie

Just My LuckDonald Petrie
Hooray, another wacky role reversal movie starring Lindsay Lohan! This time she stars as Ashley Albright, the luckiest girl in NYC. The rain stops at her beckoning, lottery tickets fall in her favour and she canít help but be endlessly promoted at her big, fancy job. Elsewhere in the city, Jake Hardin (Chris Pine) trips and falls everywhere, dogs poo all over him and the band heís managing (real-life UK fluffheads McFly, who seem to be the product that this movie exists to sell) canít catch a break. Zero luck! Like opposites! But when the two share an anonymous kiss at a masquerade ball, their luck magically reverses! The only way for Albright to reset the cosmos is to find this masked man and kiss him again. But, uh oh, what if they fall in love? Yeah. There isnít much sustaining this formulaic rom-com (in fact, itís only worth seeing for a scene where Lohan is covered in mud and stuffing her mouth full of bacon for no discernable reason). Lohan is completely implausible as a business executive (isnít she, like, 13 years old?). Though, to her credit, she is actually capable of better than this, if recent roles in A Prairie Home Companion and Mean Girls are any indication. The special features on this needlessly double-sided DVD are almost as lacking as the movie itself. "Look of LuckĒ is essential viewing for that special someone who needs the inside scoop on each of Lohanís sparkly costumes. A flashy "behind the scenesĒ featurette on McFly attempts to sell them as "Blink 182 meets the Beatles,Ē in hopes that someone somewhere is looking to have their ears gnashed to pieces. Plus: deleted and extended scenes. (Fox)
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