Punk: Year in Review 2010

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6. Coliseum House With A Curse (Temporary Residence)
Louisville's Coliseum, infamous for their primal scream therapy, take a left turn down a familiar path on House with a Curse. Lead singer Ryan Patterson's caveman growl is intact, but the band shifts down a couple of gears, slogging through the mud and filth of dirty post-hardcore. With a little help from friends (including Will Oldham), the trio come away with their most memorable album yet. "Skeleton Smile," featuring Oldham's creepy refrains, is Coliseum as a whole new beast. They dropped the D-beat hardcore and picked up a Dischord-ian slow burn. Some will bellyache, some will rejoice. We're just busy rocking out.
Jason Schreurs

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I want to have White Lung's baby.
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Love this band so much! But I think you mixed up the bass player and the drummer.
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Um no mix up. Grady is the bass player and one of the wickedest dolls I know
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much prettier in real life
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Looks fine to me! They all do!! Great band.
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Too much "lo-fi"

Also, Bad Religion should be in here.
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Punk is DEAD. Destroy posers.
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So...was Bad Religion nixed because they are an older band? "Dissent..." was one of their best albums for sure. 'Only Rain' alone is worth a mention. Also, no Swans? No Grinderman?
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I'm surprised The Monitor wasn't on here
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