Punk: Year in Review 2010

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5. Crime in Stereo I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone (Bridge Nine)
Crime In Stereo make no bones about having vision. Slow building shoegaze atmospherics build into muscular, frantic bombardments bursting with sing-along choruses. Beatles-esque chord turns aren't afraid to swell into squalls of guitar noise, stabbing like a controlled Omar Rodriguez-Lopez freak-out. Melodic instincts of that sophistication aren't exactly common for a group so undeniably punk. The band's willingness to stalk a catchy song idea and rough it into a shape befitting of their sonic mandate is one of the album's most exciting traits. It's a shame this proved to be the band's swan song.
Scott A. Gray

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I want to have White Lung's baby.
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Love this band so much! But I think you mixed up the bass player and the drummer.
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Um no mix up. Grady is the bass player and one of the wickedest dolls I know
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much prettier in real life
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Looks fine to me! They all do!! Great band.
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Too much "lo-fi"

Also, Bad Religion should be in here.
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Punk is DEAD. Destroy posers.
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So...was Bad Religion nixed because they are an older band? "Dissent..." was one of their best albums for sure. 'Only Rain' alone is worth a mention. Also, no Swans? No Grinderman?
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I'm surprised The Monitor wasn't on here
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