Punk: Year in Review 2010

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2. Burning Love Songs For Burning Lovers (Deranged)
Turbonegro. Zeke. Discharge. Poison Idea. Instinctively bleak, explosively angry and unequivocally sinister, these bands redefined the true essence of extreme music, spawning the evil bastard child, punk. With the vicious antagonism of this debut, Toronto's Burning Love are poised to join these prestigious ranks of those imposing, cryptic and decadent outfits. Detuned and thunderous while still melodically brilliant, gritty and raw, Songs For Burning Lovers is a rapid-fire dose of biting riffs, palpitating beats and pulverizing vocals. The charged instincts and virulent power of these massive aural munitions makes it an instant―and amaranthine― punk classic.
Keith Carman

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I want to have White Lung's baby.
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Love this band so much! But I think you mixed up the bass player and the drummer.
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Um no mix up. Grady is the bass player and one of the wickedest dolls I know
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much prettier in real life
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Looks fine to me! They all do!! Great band.
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Too much "lo-fi"

Also, Bad Religion should be in here.
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Punk is DEAD. Destroy posers.
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So...was Bad Religion nixed because they are an older band? "Dissent..." was one of their best albums for sure. 'Only Rain' alone is worth a mention. Also, no Swans? No Grinderman?
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I'm surprised The Monitor wasn't on here
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Article Published In Dec 10 Issue