Metal 2011: 18 Best Albums

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18. Tombs Path of Totality (Relapse)
Despite his rugged exterior and his seemingly permanent emotionally vacant demeanour, with Path of Totality, it was evident that the founder Mike Hill not only wears his heart on his sleeve, but also his inner turmoil. The third album from the Brooklyn trio is their best, filled with their signature sound consisting of a unique blend of blackened metal, '80s noise rock and sheer emotion that only comes with the weariness that only age can bring, but was met this year with an infectious vigour. One could chalk it up to stellar production and incredible drummer Andrew Hernandez, and Hill's first (and successful) attempt on clean singing on "Silent World." The title track, with its incredible, heavy riffs, makes you realize that you don't need frills to get your point across. Outside of the dark lyrics, and there is a heavy simplicity that hunkers down and urges the listener to temporarily enjoy the dark elements in life, but slowly gives you a way out.
Laina Dawes

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Boring album..but the press loves shit like this..
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The boring comment was only for the Opeth record..the rest on this list are okay at worst...
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No Machine Head?
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Tell your hipster reviews that only about 4 of those bands are metal, and the rest are overrated and boring.
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What about the better metal releases not even mentioned? Deceased, Origin, Autopsy, know...actual metal...
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Where is Vader - Welcome to the Morbid Reich?!??!
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Vader is fucking terrible. This is better than dB's list. Although it excludes Rosetta, YOB, Morne, Deafheaven, Red Fang, and Moab. Machine Head constantly cranks out generic shit, idk why people who claim to like metal still listen to that shit. And good job putting 'Today is the Day' on here. Great record.
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I agree on the WITTR, but that is it. Here is my list

1. The Crevices Below - Below The Crevices
2. Esoteric - Paragon of Dissonance
3. Petrychor - Effigies and Epitaphs
4. Wolves in the Throne Room - Celestial Lineage
5. Isole - Born From Shadows
6. Earth Flight - Blue Hour Confessions
7. Mitochondrion - Parasignosis
8. Dornenreich - Flammentriebe
9. Wolverine - Communication Lost
10. Thy Catafalque - Rengeteg
11. Voyager - The Meaning of I
12. Blut Aus Nord - 777 The Desanctification
13. Leprous - Bilateral
14. Negative Plane - Stained Glass Revelations
15. Anubis Gate - Anubis Gate
16. Antediluvian - Through The Cervix of Hawwah
17. While Heaven Wept - Fear of Infinity
18. SubRosa - No Help For The Mighty Ones
19. Insomnium - One For Sorrow
20. 40 Watt Sun- The Inside Room

Honorable Mentions:

Eumeria - Rebel Mind
Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events
Beardfish - Mammoth
Deceased - Surreal Overdose
Haken - Visions
Indian - Guiltless
Aosoth - III
Thurisaz - The Cimmerian Years
Pestilential Shadows - Depths
Woods of Desolation - Torn Beyond Reason
Nightbringer - Hierophany of the Open Grave
An Autumn For Crippled Children - Everything
Benighted - Asylum Cave
Rotten Sound - Cursed
Raventale - Bringer of Heartsore
Primordial - Redemption at the Puritans Hand
Black Cobra - Invernal
Havok - Time is Up
Vektor - Outer Isolation
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good list! lots of new and interesting bands that play actual and innovative metal, not a bunch of outdated boring bullshit like machine head etc.
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Last year about this time I posted a long comment in the Metal Year in Review 2010.

The main point of my comments was to suggest Exclaim stop putting not-metal bands in the Metal section. My constructive criticism seemed to be well received with the editor and a couple of writers contacting me to comment.

So here we are for the Year In Review for 2011 and unfortunately not much has changed. The list has increased from 10 to 18 which is good but it still plagued with not-Metal. I'm not going to complain and say you left out 'Band X and Band Y' because as a writer I appreciate that everyone has their own tastes. I wouldn't post my own list because my tastes are as unimportant as the next writers. I'm sure those bands are good at what they do but as the fourth post mentions, only about 4 of those bands are Metal.

Metal is (an admittedly) conservative genre with specific archetypes; archetypes and minimum standards of image, lyrics, production values, composition, arrangement and so on. Just because a band has an electric guitar does not automatically make them Metal! Exclaim writers fall into this trap over and over.

Here's a hint. If they band members are wearing toques, scarves, have short-hair and big bushy beards and wear thick rimmed, black glasses they probably aren't Metal! It's not hard. But seriously....

The cruz of the issue is that the young hipsters and scenesters who write for the mags/sites like Exclaim, Decibel, Pitchfork etc have gotten into these positions of influence and power and are trying to redefine Metal into something palatable and cool. Metal has never been cool and the writers who are concerned with social status and image just can't handle real Metal. To them, it's outdated, it's not cool and so on, they tease the fans, make fun of the bands with snide comments and so on and they gravitate towards the young, hip bands and try to classify them as 'Metal'.

Many of the writers at Exclaim value originality very highly and have this odd compulsion to champion bands that are avante-garde or the newest cool thing (ie, following the trend) and consequently will dismiss many, or most of the metal albums that are released.

I suppose my original comments remain. Exclaim should make a Metal section and keep it Metal. If the writers and editor of the section have trouble understanding what qualifies as Metal, there are many good books and resources on the net that help explain, or maybe hire someone who understands and they can weed out the non-Metal stuff, and help those not-Metal bands get the exposure and recognition they deserve as well, in their own section of post-punk, alt. pop shoe-gaze core (or whatever it would be defined as)

Keep trying Exclaim, you'll get it one of these years. Good luck!
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or you can not worry about it & frequent your tr00 metal site more often & if enough people do, exclaim will get the message
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Wow. You really see metal as a non-inovative artform? So what era of metal are we suppose to emulate until the end of time? 80s metal? Kill me now!
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All of these bands suck. Metal is dead and they're is no talent left.
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go Canadian content!
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Blut Aus Nord's albums should be 1 and 2.
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Today I Caught The Plague's debut album LORE should be on this list.
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Liturgy? what the fuck ...
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Not sure why you have metal as seperate from Rock but here is a list of classic rock's top 10 of the year
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list is false, not surprised
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What the hell is Ken Mode, is that a Street Fighter thing? Just like last year, the "best of metal" list has a non-metal band as #1.
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