Folk & Country: Year in Review 2010

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3. Jason Collett Rat a Tat Tat (Arts & Crafts)
With a wink and a dirty grin, Jason Collett cranked all the dials on his fifth solo album. This time around, his raspy drawl is a little twangier and his retro detailing a little glossier. Although he pays homage to myriad bygone musical styles, Collett adds a tart twist that turns familiar echoes into fresh sounds. Whether it's blowing out the speakers with screeching electric guitars or turning on the charm with its sparkling pop melodies, Rat a Tat Tat has enough irreverent groove to get a nation on its feet.
Rachel Sanders

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This is a pretty great list with the exception of the exception of Daniel Romano's Working for the Music Man from this - one of the best records of the year. Though I do understand it might have seemed like a pile on with Baby Eagle and Daniel, Fred and Julie already being there.

Also, the DeadMau5 ad requiring muting on every fucking page is super annoying.
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"Nameless Poseur" nailed it....listening to Romano as I speak, and this is a classic in the vein of Hazlewood/van Zandt/Lightfoot that was sadly overlooked.
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I totally agree with the previous comments about Daniel Romano's album. It was on my personal top ten, and I highly recommend it.
Jason Schneider
Wood, Wires & Whiskey editor
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props to exclaim for paying heed to Nameless Poseur #1's criticism and muting the dumb Deamaus ad
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Bring back Bruce LaBruce.....fucking place has never been the same.
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