Folk & Country 2011: 16 Best Albums

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8. The Deep Dark Woods The Place I Left Behind (Six Shooter)
It has been a pleasure to watch the consistent artistic growth of such Canadiana favourites as Cuff the Duke, Elliott Brood, and Sunparlour Players. All released fine work in 2011, and Saskatoon's Deep Dark Woods merit inclusion in that group. Their fourth album, The Place I Left Behind, is again built around the eloquent songwriting and rich resonant vocals of Ryan Boldt. His voice is perfectly suited to the melancholy mood of most of his songs, while a couple of numbers from bassist/vocalist Chris Mason helps add variety. Balancing the pedal steel and guitar-led sound is the fine work of keyboardist Geoff Hilhorst on piano, Hammond, and mellotron, while guests Kendel Carson (fiddle) and Old Man Luedecke (banjo) add to the wide-screen atmospherics of the album.
Kerry Doole

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Elliot Brood's Days Into Years not in the top 16? Someone's not paying attention
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Where's the new Matt Andersen album? Surprised it doesn't make it after two great album reviews!
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I agree with the poseur above. This list should be invalidated for not including Elliott Brood. For shame, Exclaim. They are one of Canada's most excellent bands.
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Has anyone heard of Fleet Foxes ?
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Where is Chuck Ragan??

Sure he isn't playing popular hipster folk like The Decemberists or Dan Mangan, but he not only won over the oft picky punk crowds with his hints of bluegrass & gritty folk, he is also promoting the most interesting folk in the genre with his brilliant Revival Tour!

I would also argue that Trampled By Turtles and Blackie & the Rodeo Kings are obvious exclusions.
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all the bands your talking about suck
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Um, Fleet Foxes? Helplessness Blues? You know, the best album of the year? You may have heard of it?
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I'd also add William Elliott Whitmore to the list.
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maybe bruce cockburn, you know that dude that just won an award for best folk album yesterday. Jenn Grant? Please. I dig Chuck Ragan. I like most of this list though.
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William Elliott Whitmore!!!!! ya!!!!
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