Electronic: Year in Review 2010

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2. Caribou Swim (Merge)
Critics have called this fifth album from Dundas, ON-via-London, UK Pro Tooler Dan Snaith his most organic album to date; Snaith himself describes it as his most technologically-based. Swim, somehow, comes off as both. In nine paisley-pasted manifestos, Snaith harmonizes, synthesizes, terrorizes and hypnotizes. Sure, all of those shit-hot dubstep and witch house artists may have fresher ideas and sexier visages but in ten years from now, they'll still be remembered as dubstep and witch house artists. Caribou will be remembered for Swim.
Daniel Sylvester

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soul-baring not "soul-bearing"
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Where the hell is Four Tet!?
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"to sound both familiar and like nothing you've ever heard." so true.

Pretty Lights & Emancipator had runners too.
Check out my top ten :) http://silencenogood.net/...-top-albums/
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Article Published In Dec 10 Issue