Dance and Electronic 2012: Plays Here, Stays Here* (*For Now)

By Vincent PollardIn recent years, a slew of Canadian electronic music producers have relocated to London, UK or to electronic mecca Berlin. Here are five rising producers who are helping build the healthier-than-ever Canadian electronic music ecosystem.

Jacques Greene (Montreal)
This mysterious young producer has been gathering buzz for his distinctive blend of R&B, house and bass. Greene (pictured above) came to prominence in 2011 with singles on Glasgow's LuckyMe, an appearance at MUTEK and remixes for artists including Radiohead. In 2012, the Montrealer hit the ground running with the launch of his Vase imprint as well as production work for his buddy ANGO.

Zodiac (Toronto)

It's widely discussed that Ontario-raised producer Jeremy Rose originally produced the first three tracks for Abel Tesfaye's the Weeknd, but with hatchets at least partly buried, Rose has moved on to solo work as Zodiac. A debut EP was released on Vase this fall and standout track "Come," featuring Jesse Boykins III, received overwhelming support. Rose has recently signed a writing deal with UK producer Paul Epworth and is currently recording in London but don't worry, he hasn't moved there... yet.

Nautiluss (Toronto)

Nautiluss is the moniker of ex-Thunderheist producer Graham Bertie. The Toronto-based musician has released two solid EPs this year for Montreal's Turbo Recordings as well as a superb MUTEK performance. The sound of Nautiluss is dark, brooding club techno blended seamlessly with house and elements of UK bass. Like many in 2012, Bertie has a pleasing disregard for genre boundaries, putting whatever feels right into the mix.

Ryan Hemsworth (Ottawa)

Following the success of his "Charly Wingate" video, and his 2011 release No Plans, which featured on SPIN's Top 10 R&B albums of the year, Halifax-raised electronic hip-hop producer Ryan Hemsworth dropped his first EP, oddly titled Last Words, in August on Wedidit Collective, including remixes from the likes of Shlomo and Chicago's Supreme Cuts. Taking influence from Gucci Mane and Southern hip-hop, Hemsworth got attention for his remixes of Grimes and, unofficially, Frank Ocean.

Max Ulis (Vancouver)

Vancouver-based Max Ulis is a prominent figure on the West coast's emerging bass and dance music scene. Having performed both at MUTEK and New Forms festivals as one half of house duo Larry James (with Ryan Trann, aka Inkwell), Ulis also released the single Eastsiders in collaboration with Self Evident. Ulis co-manages the label Tenpin and is currently working on a collaboration with Robbie Slade of Humans.
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Zodiac Is A RnB Producer From Nova Scotia Not Toronto He Has Nothing To Do With Electronic Music Or Toronto

Nautillus Also Aint From Toronto Hes A Kraft Macaroni & Ketchup Caker From MTL A Pop Tart Who Does Imitation Music Like EDM (EDM Means Imitation Waterdowned European Music) He Doesnt Do Electronic Music Never Has

None Of These Artists Are Electronic Music Most Are Urban & EDM) (Urban Means Imitation Waterdowned Imitation Black Music & EDM Means Waterdowned Imitation European Music)

This IS Bad Journalism But Thats HWta I Expect From The Writer Vince Pollaird He Isnt Educated On The Subjects He Writes About Hes A Wannabee DJ & Bagboy Who Writes About His Friends Who Are Also Bagboys For American
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But Thats HWta I Expect From The Writer Vince Pollaird
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Your A Kneepad and Wannabee Poptart. I Get Paid TEn Zillion Dollars For DJ Gigs in the GTA.
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@Bagboys For Americans You Are Right I Do Expect Nothing But Garbage Journalism From Vince Pollard Hes A Mac & Ketchup Caker Who IS A Wannabee Musician He Cant On Any Electronic Or Hip Hop Music He Can Talk On Emo & House Those Are The Scenes He IS Part Of

@Lower_Level You Sound Like A Obsessed Fan Typing Like Me & Trying To Talk Like Me We All Know You & Other Canadian DJs Get $7+Food & Wear Kneepads On Church For Americans In Hopes Of Bookbacks Why
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You don't get it do you? You really have zero insight into music, HighaLevel.
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@What_Everyone_Is_Thinking I Have More Insight Than Yourself

I Aint A Mac & Ketchup Caker Who Got Into Electronic Music After Put Your Hands Up For Detroit In The Summer Of 2006 & I Didnt Learn About Dubstep From Brittany Spears Either Thats You Cakers Not Me

Caker When It Comes To Music You Can Challenge My Insight Anytime But Bring Facts & Know What You Are Talking About

We Dont Need Cakers Who Got Into Electronic Music In 2006 To Talk Much They Should Stick To Eating Mac & Ketchup & Listening To Imitation Music
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Does anyone else feel the presence of the ghost of Wesley Willis?
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...or,Tom Green channeling Brian Gysin.
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