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Soundgarden - The Ups and Downs of Screaming Life Page 2
By Jason Schneider1985 to 1986
After writing some original material, Soundgarden recruit Scott Sundquist to play drums, allowing Cornell to fully embrace the front-man role. They are among the groups approached by fledgling Seattle label C/Z Records to appear on its first release, a compilation LP entitled Deep Six, released in September 1985. Others on the compilation include the Melvins, Green River, Malfunkshun, and Skin Yard. The album contains the seeds of what is eventually dubbed the "Seattle sound," a blend of punk snottiness and classic rock excess. Long hair and Northwestern thrift store clothes become the look, effectively captured by Charles Peterson, the scene's de facto photographer. Cornell is one of Peterson's ideal subjects, with his bare-chested on-stage persona evoking a modern-day Robert Plant. Sundquist leaves Soundgarden in 1986, needing to tend to his family, and the others persuade Skin Yard drummer Matt Cameron to replace him. Meanwhile, Jonathan Poneman, a Kinko's manager and, along with Thayil, a DJ at UW's KCMU, takes over booking a local Tuesday night band showcase at Seattle bar the Fabulous Rainbow. Not knowing Thayil, he books Soundgarden solely on another DJ's glowing recommendation and after the show immediately offers to finance a Soundgarden recording. "I thought the singer was some white trash jock ― the sort that would have a field day kicking effete college students' asses," Poneman wrote in Spin in 1992. "The twee psychedelia of the Paisley Underground was ruling college radio at the time. Soundgarden was more like PCP'n'Steroids Underground. It singlehandedly transformed my understanding of what rock'n'roll was, and what it should be." Thayil introduces Poneman to Bruce Pavitt, a friend from Chicago who launched his fanzine Subterranean Pop in 1982 while attending Evergreen State College. Shortening the name to Sub Pop with issue #4, Pavitt produces compilation cassettes to sell with the next five issues. Pavitt's "Sub Pop" column becomes a regular feature in Seattle music magazine The Rocket, and in 1986 Pavitt releases the Sub Pop 100 compilation LP, featuring Sonic Youth, the Wipers, and others. Later that year Pavitt agrees to help Green River record its second EP, Dry As A Bone, although he doesn't have enough money for a proper release until Poneman enters the picture.
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Wrong. No SG or RATM material in the 2003 Audioslave tours. That started in 2005.
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Wrong again. Old material was played during the 2005 tours.
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Wow. Wrong three times. Did you actually research this properly?? Cornell did tour after the Scream album was released, and played many songs from it.
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Dude, got me on all three. Mea culpa.
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The most amazing thing about this article is that pictures of Chris Cornell wearing a shirt have surfaced. I never thought I'd see the day.
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this is the funniest thread of comments, I have ever read.
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