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Roots On The Rails - TOUR
By Jason SchneiderTrains and folk music have been always been inseparable, but riding the rails is now more of a romantic notion than a practical one. That hasn’t stopped Toronto promoter Charlie Hunter from organizing Roots On The Rails, a one week Via Rail excursion from Toronto to Vancouver beginning on April 5, with some of the best Canadian folk and country artists. Fellow travellers include Fred Eaglesmith, Corb Lund, Linda McRae, and Winnipeg alt-country divas Nathan, who will all perform en route and at concerts to bookend the journey. Hunter was inspired by the legendary Festival Express tour that took the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and the Band across Canada in 1970, and says the idea has never gone out of fashion. "People want to take the train across the country at least once in their life, and we’re doing it in a way that they can have an unforgettable musical experience at the same time." Be prepared to pay for that experience. Tickets for the full trip, with all the perks, cost $2325 or $4479 for two. Less pricey tickets are available for those want to jump on board at stops along the way. (
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