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By Cam LindsayKendrick Lamar
He may not been the most hyped rapper of the year. That is, until everyone heard that this underdog has made the best rap album of the year.

Local Natives
The zealous response to the announcement of new album Hummingbird seems like the L.A. band were gone for years. It's only two, which speaks to just how popular they've become.

Sufjan Stevens
Tis the season for another box set of original and classic carols from the chamber pop experimentalist.

Azealia Banks (pictured)
Not sure who to feel more sorry for, Azealia because the album was pushed to 2013 or Spin and Dazed & Confused for putting her on the cover when it was supposed to come out.

Guided By Voices
With a third album set for 2012, GBV have proven too much music isn't always a good thing.

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