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By Lorraine Carpenter"You look at Britney Spears' video for ‘Slave 4 U' and it's, like, gang rape. And she's not singing about that shit. Same with Jennifer Lopez, she's always getting wet and you see her nipples and ass, but it's just totally manipulative sensationalism. If you're gonna give out images like that, you'd better have the lyrics to back it up. I give it directly, but for some reason it's acceptable to do it visually, but not lyrically. Isn't that the opposite of music?"

In a hilarious twist, Britney Spears recently asked Peaches to co-write songs for her next album, and she declined for two reasons: Spears made the faux pas of requesting the service through her "people" ("Björk asked me to go on tour. Björk, not her manager," says Peaches); and, with few exceptions, the mainstream market doesn't take kindly to women who talk the talk, so Peaches knew her sexy speak would be watered down. Historically, women with openly voracious libidos have been viewed as either a) witches, b) hysterics, c) sluts or d) manly, and even today, over and above the beard and ‘stache accessories, many people perceive Peaches as masculine due to her horniness.

"Would anybody ever ask 50 Cent why he's into having sex and not making love? Would anyone wonder why Biggie Smalls [aka Notorious B.I.G.] said, in his song called ‘Dreams of Fucking an R&B Bitch' that he wants to remind Tina Turner of Ike by slapping her? Nobody questions them and, in a way, that's another example of ghettoising, like ‘He's a dirty black rapper, he can say that, not a white Jewish girl'."

Peaches feels the rappers' pain, particularly because they're way behind the times in "the objectification game." Prince got it right, as a sexually explicit, explicitly heterosexual, hairy man who bared his midriff and butt cheeks, where most of today's boys just look bulky.

"On Fatherfucker, I'm really including guys, partly cause I feel sorry for the hip-hop dudes. They're all dressed in tons of big baggy clothes and the girls are in little bikinis all around them — they need to objectify themselves more."

And love yourself, and love your brother. Peaches believes that everyone is inherently bisexual, but she notes with sadness that most men fall into the straight line too fast.

"Choosing a man or a woman isn't the point, it's just that these strict rules are stupid. Every woman I know has kissed a woman, but not every guy I know has kissed a guy, and I think they need to. It just helps you find out who you are. I mean, I only realised pussy licking was okay once I licked a pussy."

Kissing is one thing (pussy licking is another), but few would argue that getting action in the back section is fairly unfathomable for many guys, and this is yet another area where Peaches would like to assist, as detailed in her song "Back It Up, Boy." After all, as she sings it, "Don't you know it's supposed to feel better for boys?"

"Blues and hip-hop artists always say ‘I'm a back door man‚' ‘Back it up, baby‚' ‘Back that ass up,' but the big joke is that their G-spot is in their ass! And it's amazing, of the 250 interviews I've done recently, I would say 80 percent of the guys I talked to don't even know they have a G-spot, they don't know where it is, and when I explain the biology, they laugh like they think I'm kidding!"

Peaches may be funny, but she knows her anatomy. She gets off on getting it out in the open and talking the talk to gage "where people are at" with their sexual mores. As long as they've made music, women have been writing response songs, but Peaches is a comeback queen who makes her own statements, because she challenges society's hang-ups with words and pictures, because she's made a second album that's as good, if not better than her first, because she's outlived and surpassed "electroclash," and because she can take it and dish it right back out.

"When I was on tour with Queens of the Stone Age, this guy was yelling, ‘You suck!' and I'm like, ‘Yeah, I swallow too,' and I saw his friend saying, ‘Heh heh, she caught ya, buddy.' I got them on my side, which is really cool."

At another stop on that same tour, Peaches jumped into the audience and found herself duplicating that classic Iggy Pop pose, when he stood up in the crowd, his feet held up by fans, pointing straight ahead for a few seconds before smearing peanut butter on his chest. "I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, I'm doing the Iggy, I gotta just point my finger, maybe someone will pass me the peanut butter!" says Peaches. "So I pointed and I looked down, cause I had to see who was holding me up, and it was these old biker men and these cool dyke chicks — and I brought those guys together. I'm really about being inclusive, it's true. I guess it's just my Canadian politeness."

Are You With Peaches?
The Cream of the Collaborative Crop

Chilly Gonzales (born Jason Beck)
This sleazy MC and self-styled "President of the Berlin Underground" teamed up with Peaches in the late ‘90s in Toronto bands the Shit and Feedom. Since their 2000 joint single, "Red Leather," they've made cameos on nearly all of each others' releases and many shows. Gonzo's fourth album for Kitty-Yo is pending.

Taylor Savvy (born David Szigeti)
Sharp suits, synths and guitars are his tools, sleazin' and teasin' are his only rules. This Berlin-via-Toronto entertainer played with Peaches in Feedom and later dropped backup vocals and guitar on both her albums. Peaches lent her charms to "Boys & Girls," a down'n'dirty duet from his 2002 Kitty-Yo debut, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Bitch Lap-Lap / Puta Rica / Feist (born Leslie Feist)
She's By Divine Right's ex-guitarist, a solo singer-songwriter and member of Broken Social Scene, but as Bitch Lap-lap and occasionally Puta Rica, she's been part of the Peaches show since they were roommates back in Toronto. She also sang on Peaches' "Diddle My Skittle," and the duo covered "Sexy Dancer" for the 2001 tribute album, If I Was Prince. Feist's sophomore solo album is out in January on Arts & Crafts.

Louie Austen (born Alois Luef)
This 57-year-old, would-be Rat Packer is another Kitty-Yo phenomenon, an Austrian-born, American-trained crooner set to dirty, funky beats by producers Patrick Puslinger and Mario Neugebauer. Louie and the gang's brand new album is Easy Love, but their debut LP, 2001's Only Tonight!, featured Peaches on the über-raunchy duet, "Grab My Shaft!"

John Malkovich (born John Malkovich)
Last year, Peaches was part of the ensemble cast in The Hideous Man, a short film directed by Malkovich, based on poems by Gary Sinise, and showcasing the clothes of UK designer Bella Freud (Sigmund's granddaughter). "The best part," says Peaches, "was when one of my shoes came undone and Malkovich bent down and tied it up. I think I'm gonna call my autobiography: John Malkovich Tied My Shoe, Boy George Sniffed My Underwear."

Iggy Pop (born James Osterberg)
From Detroit, this Stooges singer, legendary proto-punk and fucked-up rocker makes for a highly dramatic Behind the Music, but with the recent Stooges reunion, a brand new album (Skull Ring) and Peaches duet ("Kick It"), Iggy's rockin' the Freedom 55. "He's totally hot!" says Peaches. "He was wearing really tight pants and I could see his huge, long dick through it — but we're both professionals!"

Pink (born Alecia Moore)
This pop star beat out Britney (figuratively, that is), scoring a Peaches cameo with a personal e-mail that said, "Tell me to fuck off if you don't like me, but I've been a fan for three years — you've gotta be on my track!" With a characteristically saucy rap intro, Peaches gets the party started on "Oh My God," a song from Pink's impending album.

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