Letters To The Editor

To most people, a nice pat on the back is preferable to verbal attacks and vicious insults. Here at Exclaim! though, we don’t care what you have to say as long as you say it. We encourage our new and faithful readers to let us know what kind of a job we’re doing — whether it’s praise for discovering a new artist or disgust for slogging an overexposed one. You can’t please everyone, so if you do have something to say, positive or negative, or have a question for someone at Exclaim! send an email to letters@exclaim.ca, where we’ll be more than happy to respond to your question/comment. Heck, we may even print what you have to say in an issue of Exclaim!, and if we do, we’ll send you an official Exclaim! T-shirt free of charge as a "thank you” for your effort.

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